Yeah, I’m sorry about the lack of update. Yeah, I’ve said that a thousand times already. Yeah, grilled cheese sandwiches are nice. Anyway…

To those asking *when* I’ll update, I have not the slightest clue. Real life has been quite hectic with everything under the sun choosing 2010 as a good time to hit. So, it could be anytime between tomorrow and next year. I plan to update maybe twice more, though I might just have one last one, and wrap it all up in that.



I didn’t fail the music exam.

I don’t think anyone but me understands just HOW EPIC that is! Some of the nerds who’ve done music for AGES failed, and somehow I passed!! : DDDDDDDDD

Somehow, I didn’t fail ANY subject. I came thiiiiiis close to failing nerdmath though, which is scary, but I didn’t.

Also, mad scientists ftw. Nerdschool FTW.


Oh EA…

You actually listened, for once.

You created the Modelling forum. Good for you. You also created the Stories and Legacies forum. Fantastic. Brilliant, I can find epic stories in one place. Right?

Typically, my thread was one of the first to be moved. Aww, I feel all speshul, EA acknowledges my existance.

Oh, if only I could SEE my story. Or that forum in general.

Screw you, EA.


Sick. Still. Joy.

It turns out a lot of people have the stupid cold thing. Oops. Sorry. I hope I wasn’t the one to give it to everyone…

How long till the stupid EA forum is back up anyway? Now I have nothing to do, and they’ve taken away my forum land! Grr, arrgh.

Grr, arrgh, blech

I learned something useful and annoying yesterday – NerdSchool’s uniform shirt goes see through in the rain. And, typically, I am surrounded by guys on the train. And, I had no umbrella, and I had to walk to and from the train station.  Marrfffgllaraaashh!

Also, I managed to catch the Horrible Evil Cold from the Depths of Hades, so I missed school. Which probably means people I have to work with for certain assignments will kill me tomorrow. Joy.

Also, it’s raining still. So sick of rain. And this sore throat.

Joy, I got my game working, yet I have no time to play.  >.>


I haven’t played the sims in AGES now. DX

The closest I’ve come is browsing the forums. And, ohmygawd.

The culling policy? Seriously? That’s got to be the worst decision that the mods have made in a looong time. For realz. Especially when it comes to stories. Maybe they could just get off their lazy asses and delete the stuff that’s plagiarised, or is just a conversation on the story board.

And, after Nichaedemeus has been appointed mod, are they still searching? They haven’t taken down the sticky. I wonder if/who else may become a mod.

For randoms, you may now have a crappy picture I drew with my computer’s touch screen. Bask in its glory.

Bask, I say!

In short, I am overtired, very teenage girl-y at the moment, and more than slightly insane.

s touch screen. Bask in its glory.

Psychology, Simming and Hell

Spent ages studying for a psych test. Spent the psych test suffering because nothing we had studied was on it. Now I’ve heard that it won’t count toward our final grade, so I’m happy yet pissed off.

I haven’t played the Sims in 3 weeks now.

I’m trying to plan a life. How shocking.

My parents are completely against me having a life with my new friends though. Why? WHY? Do they expect people from Nerd School to be a bad influence on me or something? Seriously …

Also trying to keep my life with my old friends, which is planned for this weekend. Which is brilliant, because I haven’t seen them for weeks. =D

Also have to finish English assessment by … Tuesday. But I should, in theory, have it finished by tomorrow. But, I haven’t yet started it. >.>

On Sunday, I’ll play more sims, and hopefully finish an update, if I can get my h0mework done and my real life sorted. Prioritising sucks.

Valentines Day

I’m awesome enough to be unloved today.

I hate Valentines day anyway, though.

But we have singing Valentines at school on Monday, so I’d better stay unloved till Tuesday.

Screw you, St Valentine.

Oh okay…
















Yes, the above makes sense to no one but myself.

Joyous-ness, Camp

Oh, how fun, I get to spend three days at a school camp.

It really appears that I’m going to hell, actually. Plus, out of all the people I’ve gotten to know, only two will be going on the same camp as me, and neither will be in my activity group thingy.

So I’m using this post as an excuse to complain/be pessimistic.

First – I don’t get a cabin. I don’t get a tent. I get a bloody “Deluxe” swag. On the ground. It’s going to flood, and I am going to be floated away in my sleep, and drown. Or I’m going to wake up to find a spider or a snake eating me, and I’m going to die.

A four/five hour bus trip, with people I barely know, and no iPods allowed. Die of boredom.

We have to climb some friggin rock wall. I’m going to fall and die.

We have to cook our own food. Starve and die/poison self and die.

Buggies. Hiking. Night time GPS navigation. Spiders. Snakes.

Save me.

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